Dare is a consultancy company, built on 30 years of expertise in change leadership, people management and coaching; both on the field and “on the side”, as consultants.

Our strength lies in a vast practical experience, anchored in a solid academic background.

Dare offers local, as well as an international, multicultural understanding within a wide range of business areas at all decision levels, through its international network.



Today's organizations face a huge paradox. Their capacity to adapt, to react, to change, even to astonish, embodies their competitive edge. Change has become the key for growth and/or survival.

On the other hand, at the level of the individual, Change is a ghost for most. This makes Change a vital and complex issue, wise to look at and to invest in.

Indeed, understanding how Change affects us, eventually will work for us and not against us, helps us to control Change instead of being controlled by it.

Dare does not focus on charts, tools or software. We are fascinated by- and passionate about the Human Factor.


Our Values and Convictions

Validity – Progress - Respect

  • The Human Factor is key
  • Complexity can be simplified
  • Know-how should be shared
  • Respect the past, facing the future


Nice to meet you

  • Organizations which face a major Change (acquisition, turn-around, merger, downsizing, new-bizz, ...) and which want to
    • control change damage, i.e. stress, apathy and regression during the change process
    • reduce change resistance, even create change interest
    • enhance their change-ability today and ensure their change readiness for the future.
  • Organizations/teams which simply wish to invest in- and empower their Emotional Intelligence
  • People Managers who would like to develop leadership skills
  • People Leaders who need a temporary, specific support in some leadership issues
  • Anybody who wonders about Change and its impact on individuals and within organizations

In order to do so, Dare participates in conferences, organizes seminars and workshops and offers coaching and mentoring on-site or on-line, both in Dutch, French, Danish or English.