About Us
Dare‘s mission is to inspire and enable managers to leverage their leadership ambition and impact in order to ensure the organisation’s agility through high employee performance and sustainable engagement.
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Dare endeavours to make the work environment an inspiring, challenging, safe and fostering place to be”

Dare is a consultancy network, built on 30 years of expertise and experience in:

  •     Leadgility – Specific Leadership Development for Transitional Change and Innovation
  •     Pragmatic Leadership Development
  •     Human Potential Assessment and Development

Dare‘s assets

  •     Multicultural approach
  •     Glocal experience
  •     Trustworthy; professional, reliable, authentic and dedicated
  •     Solid expertise and experience, translated into and shared as pragmatic insights and tools,
  •     In-depth understanding of complex organisational challenges
  •     Open, challenging and caring approach

Dare has a strong, professional and international network of executive consultants, facilitators and coaches in various and complementary fields of expertise. All our associated partners have both managerial and Executive counselling experience and have Dare‘s values in common

Dare facilitates, trains and coaches in English, Dutch, French, German and Danish

Dare‘s values:

  •     UTILITY – we create sustainable value, based on pragmatism
  •     PARTNERSHIP – we relate to our clients as partners not suppliers
  •     VALIDITY – we share solid expertise and know-how
  •     RESPECT – we enable with care and respect – always
  •     PASSION – we love what we do and do it with purpose and impact.
  •     AUTHENTICITY – we are authentic at all times, we value transparency


Dare‘s convictions

  •     The Human Factor is key
  •     Complexity can be simplified
  •     Know-how should be shared generously
  •     Respect the past, facing the future
  •     We shape our environment and our environment shapes us

Dare‘s certifications:

  •     The Gordon Personal Profile-Inventory, GPPI
  •     Survey of Interpersonal Values, SIV
  •     Survey of Personal Values, SPV
  •     Perception and Preference Inventory, PAPI-I and PAPI-N
  •     Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire, 16PF, Catell
  •     Raven Progressive Matrices
  •     Wonderlic Personnel Test
  •     IST-2000R
  •     Belbin Team Roles
  •     MBTI (expert user)
  •     Purposeful Leadership Series