Dare‘s mission is to inspire and enable managers to leverage their leadership ambition and impact in order to ensure the organisation’s agility through high employee performance and sustainable engagement.
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Dare sees leadership as a true profession, secured by self-awareness and   positive human values and driven by passion, ambition and curiosity”

Tailored Leadership Development Programmes

We are Tailors
Dare has a vast experience and track record in designing tailored (leadership) development programmes and workshops in close collaboration with our clients.

  •     We strongly believe in co-creation and open communication.
  •     Our clients’ success stories, challenges, ambitions and context, fascinate us and we explore them thoroughly before intervening.
  •     We are known for sharing our experience and expertise generously.
  •     We serve purpose and add value.

Leadgility – Leadership for Transitional Change and Innovation

We are Agile
Dare strongly believes that all organisations, big and small, need to reinvent themselves, partially or completely and continuously.

  •     We have an excellent track-record and expertise in Transitional Change Leadership and Innovative Leadership – or as we call it –  Leadgility.
  •     We have assisted numerous organisational transitions and have turned many managers into inspired, agile leaders with a measurable positive impact on both engagement and performance of teams and individuals.
  •     We have developed a specific toolkit of models, insights and input, essential to any Change Leader who wants to lead her or his team positively through a transition or who aims to foster an innovative climate or to initiate an innovation process.
  •     This toolkit sharpens the managers’ awareness and understanding of (personal) Change Impact.
  •     Our toolkit and know-how strengthens the Change Leader in finding and maintaining the right balance between challenge and support, key to high performance and positive engagement.
  •     We like to believe that we are agile ourselves.
  •     We challenge ourselves continuously, explore new areas, we keep ourselves updated, we read, study, exchange and travel.

Leadership Pragmatics Workshops

We are Pragmatic
As former managers and leaders we know how important and valuable it is to collect insights and tools that can easily be put into practice and remembered in the heat of the action or simply when leading on a daily basis. Even though at Dare, we all have a solid academic background, we take pride in simplifying complexity to the essence of what needs to be understood or practiced to show impactful leadership.

  •     We have an informal (but respectful) and very interactive facilitation style and avoid – by all means – death by PowerPoint.
  •     We enable, encourage and share, without holding back on input or energy.
  •     Experiential learning, interaction, exchange, real cases, challenge and support sessions are at the heart of our programmes.
  •     All our expertise is conveyed through clear and concise concepts, easily shared with peers or direct reports.
  •     Leadership Pragmatics is a series of modular workshops that cover the main skills and insights, necessary to have a clear, measurable and sustainable impact as a leader.
  •     The modules can be taken seperately, as a complete set of complementary workshops or picked and combined in a customized way.

Assessment and coaching

We have a Sharp Eye and Ear
All of Dare‘s associate facilitators are also executive coaches, with fine assessment skills and experience.

These are essential in:

  •     Assessments for recruitment purposes
  •     Individual development tracks
  •     Career development paths
  •     Outplacement programmes
  •     Individual- and team coaching

Dare offers coaching for top executives, middle management and experts as well as a “coach the coach” training programme for professionals.